Compulink range of corporate products range from:

  • Unlimited branch calling
  • Local UK & US numbers
  • 1-800 numbers
  • Call waiting, Call forwarding, and other value add products.

Unlimited branch calling

Corporates  can  make  unlimited  calls  using  the  Compulink network between branches based upon a monthly fixed charge.


This means  someone in head office on one of the PC terminals or a normal phone connected to the PBX could call a rep on his laptop or someone using a  PC terminal or  a stand alone phone in the branch office all at a very low monthly subscription.

Local US & UK Numbers

Compulink can provide you with local US & UK numbers which when a customer calls , the phone would ring in your Indian office.

This is very useful to exporters, importers, and other multi geography companies. Especially if you keep in mind that calls to US from almost anywhere   in   the   world   are  cheaper  than calling into India so a customer in Egypt may prefer to call the US than India.

1-800 US numbers

Compulink can provide you with 1-800 US numbers which when a customer calls , the phone would ring in your Indian office.

The difference between this and the UK/ US local numbers is here the customer  calls  free  and  the  receiving  party  pays. This would be especially  useful  for  hotels  who  wish to run international booking desks, software exporters who need to provide telephonic help care, etc.

Value added services

We also offer the following value added services as a part of our package:

  • Unlimited inbound calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call Awaiting
  • Personalised voicemail:

                   Message Waiting Indicator (stutter tone or light)
Email notification of a new message to your email
                   Web-based message retrieval

  • Call Forwarding:

                   Option to have IPyantra's voicemail to pick up                         unanswered calls
                    Basic: direct to another number anywhere!
                    Advanced: variable ring duration for both phone and                         forwarded phone, before the voicemail picks up the                         call.

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