'Net Effect' Broadband  Internet  from Compulink Pvt. Ltd, is the way the Internet is supposed to be. If the Internet is  the Information Superhighway, then  the Compulink network is the  Autobahn. 'Net Effect' Broadband Internet  is always connected;  there are no  wait times for dialing. Web pages and other files are transferred in a flash. If your connection isn't Compulink.. It's not fast enough!

Broadband Benefits
Fast Access:

'Net Effect' Broadband provides access to the Internet 35 times faster than with a dial-up modem. This  means Web sites load much faster, especially  those  with  heavy  graphical  content.  Broadband enables  speedy   transfer   of  e-mail  as   well  as  advanced business  applications  such  as  Web hosting and e-commerce.



Affordable Solutions:
Save money and upgrade your Internet service by replacing multiple dial-up   Internet  accounts  with   one  Broadband  account.  With 'Net Effect' Broadband  you can have fast and dedicated multi-user service that previously was only available by committing to expensive T1 service, which could cost as much as $2,000 a month.

Secure Connection:
Your proprietary information will be safe, because Sofasts 'Net Effect' Broadband services   include  a  router  option. These  routers  include  firewall software  that  creates a  barrier  between your computers  and the Internet, protecting you from computer hackers.

Ready to Go:
'Net Effect' Broadband is always on-so there is no need to dial-up to connect to the  Internet. Users  experience  no more busy  signals and no more dropped  connections  when trying to connect to their ISP (Internet service provider).

Complete Solution:
Every  employee   can  enjoy  incredibly  fast , full-time  Internet connectivity by sharing one 'Net Effect' Broadband line among  any number of computers  in  an  office. Critical  customer  or  business  partner communications  will  happen instantly. Broadband  will also enable studio-quality video conferencing for virtual meetings, trade shows
and conferences, distance learning, and telecommuting.